Woodworking Tips – Fix holes & cracks in chairs with finesse

Woodworking Tips on Furniture

If there is a piece of furniture with holes or cracks in them, it is possible to reseal them and bring them back to looking great. With these repairs, your guests will never know the chair has a hole or crack.  For small holes, use of wood pulp is best. For larger holes or cracks, use the wood putty.

Before filling-up holes

At first, we need to bare wood, that is to say it must be dewaxed and stripped if necessary, then sand lightly.  After sanding, dust off the wood completely. Use a vacuum cleaner and a wet cloth after to wipe it down.

Application of wood pulp

In the store, choose the shade of wood pulp that comes closest to the color of the wood you want to recap. Apply the paste directly on the wood-hole. It must be handled quickly because it dries quickly. Make it beyond the hole slightly, then spread with a spatula so that it does not lump. Wait until the paste dries. Once the paste has completely dried and cured, remove excess paste with a fine sandpaper.

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Rob S
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Robs 20 years as a carpenter has let him build everything from houses, tree forts,  kitchen room chairs, table and beds.  When it comes to Wood Working Tips, I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called Teds Woodworking Package which has plans to build over 1600 projects.  Check it out!

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