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One of the most distinguished woodworkers of North America, John Metz, helped developing one of the most recent woodworking plans packages available today. I right away decided to do a decent woodworking4home review, when I learned about John’s involvement, knowing that John Metz has some twenty – plus years of professional woodworking experience. As for the program itself, John’s involvement was pretty heavy, he selected most of the plans and blueprints in the package, edited some of them, and added valuable insight as to e.g. woodworking techniques etc. to the program.

When I saw the price advertised for the package, I was really surprised -they supposedly only ask for about $49.- (and a full 60 days money back guarantee) for the entire woodworking package. That package would include approximately 14,000 plans, from the smallest plant-stand or letter holder, all the way up to detailed plans for several different styles – sheds. I have been doing some minor woodworking projects myself in the past, but I never owned or had handy an entire library of different woodworking projects. Instead, for the most part, I downloaded single plans from the internet; when checking out some of the woodworking plans from teds woodworking, I quickly realized that I paid a lot more in total when adding all these $5.- to $20.-  single plans I downloaded from the internet. As a matter of fact, I paid like around 10 times more than the entire woodworking4home package cost me altogether. And with that one, I have access to over 14,000 plans; in my mind, an incredible value.

More on the detailed plans contained in this package can be found at http://www.woodworkingplanner.com/woodworking-reviews.php

Scott McKenzie
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