Woodworking Series-5

Woodworking is an enjoyable activity not only for those who take it as a hobby, but also for professionals, but it is no fun when you get injured in the woodworking workshop. If you use common sense, and take some precautionary measures, you can avoid the most workshop accidents.

Given below are some useful tips to make your workplace hazard free:

Keep Your Woodworking Workshop Organized and Clean

Keep your workspace clean all the day. When the workday is over, put your working tools in their proper storage areas. Give the floor a quick sweep every day.

Keep Your Loose Items Away From Power Tools

Your loose items like a bandanna, long hair, loose shirt sleeve, or a necklace can cause injury, so keep them away from power tools while working. These things can get caught up in a spinning blade, and cause you a serious injury.

Use Your Safety Equipment During Working

Use your safety glasses for safety of your eyes. Wear gloves when using any chemical solvents or handling rough lumber. Use ear muffs, when you are going to run the loud power tools. You should also wear dust particle mask.

Don’t Store sharp Tools Overhead

Don’t store the tools like knives and any sharp tools overhead like on shelves. They can accidently fall at any time and cut you. You should keep these sharp tools in drawers and wrap them in leather or any heavy cloth.

Don’t Rush

When you are using power tools, have patience, and there is no need to be hurry. Patience can save you from many mistakes.


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