Woodworking Series-1

Numerous people are fascinated about wood carving and they always try combining this as a hobby but at the same time hobby turns into an art. I say art because a complete wood carving means a lot more than just a beautiful decoration; this reflects also the creator imagination. If you are interested in becoming a master creator then you should read these tips.

Tip 1: Find some wood carvers and ask them all you need to know. Hopefully they will be happy to share their experiences with you. Beside this, you also need to learn all the fundamental steps to start your work. Join some classes or find a teacher who could brief you all the steps you need to know.

Tip 2: After you did learn all you have to know, you can start your first carving. If you want to create something special then you should focus on your work properly and follow all the requirements carefully. Also you don’t have to hurry. You need to be patient for good results.

Tip 3: We all know that safety is very important. Working with a carving knife can be dangerous at least when you are new to all it. Its better if you try to put on a thumb guard on your hand as this will protect your hand.

Tip 4: After you did finish your work, try to compare your wood carvings with different tasks. This way you can improve and implement new ideas in future projects.

Tip 5: For good carving results, you need time. Don’t try to finish your work quickly & without intervals or breaks. Try to work for 30-45 minutes in one sitting. Working more than an hour may result in a minor injury due to tiredness.



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