Woodworking Hints and Tips

•Woodworking Hints and Tips Of the Month! October 2008

Woodworking Tip – Free woodworking plan for a Puppy Puzzle.

Woodworking Materials

Wood – 2cm x 18cm x 18cm Pine
Paint-enamel acrylic latex (color: black)
Paint pens

Woodworking Tools

Scroll saw or coping saw
#9 saw blade
Power sander (optional)
Paint brushes-small-foam or bristle

Woodworking Instructions

   Use a power sander or hand sand the wood on both sides. Cover the wood on one side with the clear-tape to provide the saw blade with some lubrication as it cuts. Make a copy of the pattern.

    After making a copy, cut around the outside edge of the pattern leaving a 65mm to 1.25cm of paper around the pattern lines.
      Attach the pattern to the clear-tape with spray-adhesive.
      First, with the scroll saw, saw the outside lines of the pattern with the #9 saw blade. Next, use the scroll saw on the individual pieces by cutting on the inside lines. Remove the pattern and clear-tape.
      Sand the individual pieces with fine sandpaper to smooth any imperfections. After the wood is nice and smooth, apply the sealer primer. After the sealer primer is dry, apply two coats of enamel letting it dry between coats. Be careful not to get too much paint where the pieces join together.

Happy woodworking everyone!

Tip of the Month!
by Gordon Ward,
Woodturning lecturer at the Australian School of Fine Wood’s Creative Workshops.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, rather that making them all by yourself.

Good one Gordon!

    If you have any incredible Woodworking Hints and Tips that we can put on this page that miraculously saves time and woodworking patience, please phone on 08 953 81395 or email them to ‘Dana’ at


Dana-Robin Berry
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I currently work for the Forest Heritage Centre in Dwellingup Western Australia improving their web page weekly as well as tour guide and art/craft Lecturer.

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