Wood Shed Plans – 6 Planning Tips

To build a wood shed nail sheets of plywood together to form a floor, walls, and a roof. You are kidding me. You do that and I guarantee in a very short amount of time your shed will collapse. Leave that type of constuction to a gang of eight year old boys and girls.

Unfortunately, even children cannot construct a wooden clubhouse by the standards of today. You do need to check with zoning rules and building codes in your community. When you visit those offices they will want to see your shed building plans.

Picture yourself in a few days building your wood shed. What type of wood shed do you want to build? Will it be a…?

Lean to
Garden shed
Storage shed
Boat shed

You could probably use some woodworking ideas; I would recommend that you download free shed plans. There is a possibility that you would like to design your own shed blueprints. Try doing your own drawings and measurements, however, you may find this to be more difficult than anticipated.

You need to take into considertion that your shed may have to be inspected; therefore, certain construction criteria may have to be met. In some cases the shed may have to pass state inspection requiremements.

Again, I would recommend downloading free shed plans to get started in the right direction.

Do you know what type of wood shed you are going to build? After you decide on the type of shed, you will need to make a list of materials and tools needed to complete the woodworking project.

At this point planning is important.

Be sure you have everything at hand. This will eliminate unnecessary trips to the store and delay your project.
Inspect your wood and accessories to eliminate any damaged merchandise.
Purchase proper tools to do your work, substituting tools will cause more wasted time and an inefficient job resulting in workmanship flaws.
Length of time for the shed building plans to be completed. Check the weather. Rain, snow, sleet, wind…sun, great!
Check holiday schedules, vacation, and other family social interruptions.
If a big woodworking project, do have some friends or relatives to help with construction. Also consider that you may need to hire a few professionals for electrical wiring, plumbing, electronically controlled garage doors, solar systems, etc.

After planning, organizing, shopping and gathering friends and family start building. Let me reemphasize that you can build your wood shed by yourself depending on the size. Consider extra helping hands if it is a big woodworking project.

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