Use a spray booth for woodworking finishing and wood finish safety tips

Woodworking Finish Safety Tips

Do not eat, drink or smoke when using finishing products.

Keep finishing products away from children.

Avoid exposure to organic solvents if you are pregnant or breast-feed i ng.

Install at least one smoke detector on the ceiling of your shop above potential fire hazards; keep a fully charged ABC fire extinguisher nearby.

Never store solvents or chemicals in unmarked containers. Chemical solutions should always be stored in dark glass jars to shield them from Iight, which may change their composition.

Do not flush used solvents down the drain. Consult the Yellow Pages to find out who handles chemical disposal in your area, or check with your local fire department.

Using a spray booth

Spraying any finishing material produces potentially toxic or flammable vapors, or both. Even the fumes resulting from spraying water-based resins with lower organic solvent counts can be hazardous unless they are properly ventilated.

A spray booth makes spraying cleaner and safer, reducing health hazards by containing the overspray and fumes, then filtering and exhausting them. There are different models designed for different spraying applications. They range in size from complete rooms to portable models like the one shown above, which may be your best bet if space is a priority in your workshop or if you only spray small pieces of furniture.

Because of the toxic and volatile nature of most finishing products, all spray booths must meet Occupational Safety and Health Association (0SHA)guidelines In some states, spraying is illegal in urban areas unless you have a properly built spray room. Learn more Woodworking safety rules articles please go to website.

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