Top 5 Tips for your deck building

Are you thinking about building out a deck for your house? If you are handy with tools and like to build things yourself, the 5 tips will provide you with enough help to finish the project.

1.On a new deck, it is advisable to put planter boxes, etc into waterproof trays and if possible, raised off the surface of the deck. Move them around from time to time. This will prevent “rings” from forming and allow the deck to breathe uniformly.

2.Deck furniture such as chairs, umbrella base etc should have rubber or plastic cups fitted where possible.

3.Bar B Que’s should have some form of protection on the deck floor to prevent serious burn marks or bad stains. Try a small sheet of aluminium or steel, about one meter square, (available from a good DIY store or Builders merchant) which can be removed after cooking. This can possibly be stored away underneath the deck.

4.If you have rusting nail heads, hanging flower brackets etc leaving rust stains on your wood, they can be cleaned off with the Net-Trol product mentioned above. When dried out, apply some Owatrol Oil directly to the rusted nail or screw heads etc to seal them up and prevent the rust reforming again for many years.

5.When oiling a deck with TEXTROL, work from the furthest point backwards to avoid having to walk over an area you’ve just done. Ideally, Textrol the wood by treating about 6 planks, or whatever you at a time from one end to the other. Visit the Woodworking Plans Website pages for more woodworking articles.

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