Tips on How to Build a Log Bed

It’s pretty easy to learn how to build a log bed. Though you need to have some supplies and a simple plan beforehand to make the building process easier.

I always find log bed to be charming so when there was a point that I had the spare logs to build one, I immeadiately made a trip to the hardware store and give a shot at building a log bed.

Based on my experience, there are things you need to keep in mind when building a log bed. At the top of my head are:


You can build a log bed around the size of your available logs or customize it to the size of your mattress or maybe even the size of your available space. That’s the beauty of learning how to build a log bed, you get to customize it to the way you want it.


To build a log bed you need to get some tools in hand. There are some tools which can easily be found right in your own tool box like a chisel and saw while there are other tools which you have procure as this mainly needed for refining of wood.

Some of these tools are:

Tenon Maker

Tenon maker is to a log as pencil sharpener is to a pencil. Tenon maker comes in varying capability suited for the different sizes of logs. Sure, you can make do without a tenon maker but that require far more effort and time.

Draw Knives

Draw knives can be a straight knife which is used for stripping wood or it can be a curved knife which can be used for peeling. This tool is specifically used to peel and strip the bark of the logs and of course, it can also help shaping the log in whichiver design you desire.

Bit Set

I’m talking about the bit set specifically used in cutting wood.This may be used with a hand or electric drill.


It would do well if you have a ready design beforehand. A good log bed plan proved to be a tremendous help personally when I was learning how to build a log bed. After having made the decision as to the size of the log bed, the plan has helped me with its step-by-step instruction with some pictures thrown in to avoid some confusion.

That’s why I personally suggest that you worked with a very easy to follow plan. You can check this plan I’ve used in building a log bed as well as my other woodworking project. It may offer you the same benefits.

how to build a log bed.

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I’ve always been an avid fan of crafts. Having finished my first woodworking piece has got me hooked on building my next one and my next one until it just sort of dawned on me that a lot of furniture in the house is MY handiwork.Such a rewarding thing that is. To be able to see and use something you’ve made with your own hands.Lest you think I’m just good with the craft, I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not. I just have some help with a very good woodworking plan resource which I’m using up until now. See if it will bring you the same benefits too.

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