Tips For Creating Luxury Bedrooms on a Budget

Creating bedrooms which ooze elegance and chic style may not be as costly as you may think. High street and online retailers who specialise in bedding and matching accessories enable you to bring a fresh clean makeover to a bedroom in a weekend.

Begin with a blank canvass:

Spend time looking for ideas from interior design journals or online blogs which are dedicated to interior styles. Make notes, mental or jot them down, of all the features you like. Be realistic with your budget and swap expensive items for bargain pieces.

Take a fresh look at your existing bedroom furniture. It may simply need a good clean and polish or you could opt to paint worn or dated pieces.

Take a look at your headboard. If it is fabric may be able to find some great discount or wholesale fabric to re-cover it. Alternatively you could make a new headboard by covering foam rectangles with fabric, sew ribbons onto the top of each, if you are creating a new headboard for a double bed. Fix a wooden or white curtain pole to the wall, positioning it at the appropriate height, add beautiful end finials. Simply tie the covered foam pads with the ribbons to create a quick and effective headboard.

You could opt to match the headboard with new curtains or make a foot runner for the bottom of the bed to add coherence to the room.

Think of the colour combinations which you love and which make you feel relaxed. Pastel colours are ideal for bedrooms and offer a gentle and chic look when teamed with crisp white.


The easy way to start is to strip the room of all clutter, furniture, curtains and carpets as much as you possibly can. If you are keeping the carpet make sure it cover it with a dust sheet before you even think of opening a paint pot!

Fill cracks in walls with fast drying filler. Sand down woodwork on doors and their frames and window casements. Begin by doing the gloss paintwork, keep brush strokes vertical to give a smooth finish.

Paint the ceiling in white to reflect as much light as possible back down into the room. Paint walls with emulsion in neutral tones so that it will coordinate with your furniture and soft furnishings.

Re-introduce furniture:

Bring your furniture back into the room. Try and keep a generous amount of space around the bed, this will help you to make the bed properly as well as being far easier to climb into!

Keep things as simple as possible, a chest of drawers, a chair and wardrobe should be all you need!

Place a rug on the floor to give you a warm and soft feel to step onto first thing each morning!


Clean the windows before you either replace your curtains or blinds. If you opt for new, choose full length curtains which match or compliment the bedding and headboard. Wood blind are great for bedrooms which have a cottage style and blend beautifully with pine furniture and stripped floor boards.


Treat your self to wonderful luxury bedding in colours which compliment your new paint colours and window treatments. Choose bedding which has a gentle and elegant style with matching or coordinating valences, curtains and pillow shams.


A chic and stylish affordable bedroom with little effort!

Terry Henman
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