Tips For Building A Simple Woodworking Bench And More Ideas For Future Projects

I don’t know any serious woodworker who doesn’t use a woodworking bench when working on their projects. So what are your options for finding the right one?

Well you could always buy one! There are plenty of them in stores, and you will find that most are of the highest quality. But they can also be quite expensive and you really do not need to spend all that much if you build one yourself. A basic but solid woodworking bench can be made for about 20 dollars!

Have the right supplies for the right job.

There are a few things that you are going to need in order to do this properly. First of all, you will of course need wood. But what kind of wood? Well, the legs themselves will be 2×4’s, and you will need four of them. For the frame you’ll need an additional eight 2×4’s. You will also need a surface for your table; a few sheets of plywood will do.

Assembling the woodworking bench.

The additional 2×4’s will now come into play as you create a frame for the top of your table. With four of your 2×4’s you’ll create the frame by nailing them onto the legs of your workbench. Each side will need to be properly measured so that they match the actual surface, and you will need to do the same approximately ten inches from the bottom of the frame with the other four 2×4’s. This will create a solid structure for the table, and then you may proceed to nail the surface to the structure. If you want, you can place another piece of plywood on the support beams at the bottom so that you have an extra shelf. Wasn’t that easy?

Where to find more ideas for woodwork projects.

This is an easy way to build a basic table, but if you are looking for other ideas, why not use the internet? There are quite a few websites that provide comprehensive instructions on making your woodworking dreams come true. It’s impossible to ever run out of ideas again. No longer will you have to give up on your projects just because you couldn’t think of the next thing to build.

So go ahead and build that woodworking bench yourself. You won’t be sorry that you engaged in this wonderful hobby.

Jim Holz
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