Tips and Tricks for Precision Drilling

Drilling a hole generally seems like quite a straightforward job. However getting a professional clean precise hole every time can be quite a task. Here are a few quick tips on how to make sure that you get the best results every time you are drilling a hole.

* Make sure that the work is fastened in the vice or clamps tightly. If possible make sure there is plenty of room for you to work in.
* Measure it out precisely, for most things you will probably only get one go at it, so get it right the first time.
* Make sure that you have quality drill bits that are sharp. This one tip here is probably the most important to getting the precision and clean finish you want. Obviously make sure it is the right drill bit for the job (metal, or masonry etc), and it is the right size for the hole you want.
* Let the bit drill bit do the work, don’t push on it too hard. If you have to force it you probably need to sharpen the drill bit.

* When drilling into metal put a centre punch dent in.
* When drilling into hardwood or using large drill bits, make a pilot hole first.
* When drilling into plaster or ceramics put some masking tape over the area first to prevent cracking.
* If you are able to use a drill press. This will help with precision and drilling to uniform depths and angles.
* When drilling masonry, always use a masonry bit which has a special tungsten carbide tip welded into the twist part of the drill body which helps to cut into the masonry. When drilling into masonry always withdraw the tip every few seconds to remove debris and keep the tip cool. The job will be a lot easier if you get a drill with a hammer action.
* If you are drilling into plastics, you will want to go slowly, with slow rpm on the drill because you don’t want to melt or split the plastic, or clog the drill bit.
* Use the different attachments available to make other jobs easier e.g. a disc sander, a buffer pad, a hole saw etc
* If you are using the drill for screwing you might want to invest in magnetic tips to hold the screw, it will be money well spent.
* Always do the job safely, use your protective equipment, especially eye protection. Disconnect the power and battery every time you change the drill bit and make sure the chuck is tight. Also make sure that there are no other hazards around before you start the job. One key point here is that when you are drilling into wall, make sure that there is no live wires you are drilling into.

So by following a few of these extra tips you will get a clean precise hole every time you use your drill and you will get the finish of a master craftsman. For more expert advice and a full range of drills, drill bits, drill accessories please visit our website at or come into one of our ten stores in Perth and Bunbury, we’ll be glad to help.

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