The Best Tips For Building A Baby Crib

A baby spends more than 1600 hours sleeping in the first year of life alone. Most of this time is spent in the baby crib. Building a crib may seem like a daunting task but the rewards are huge. The result is an heirloom quality baby crib that will be cherished and passed down through generations.

Start with a good baby crib building plan. There are many free baby crib plans in addition to those you can purchase. When looking for a good crib plan be sure that it includes diagrams of the finished piece as well as specific important steps. Exploded views of the steps help the woodworker to better visualize and understand each step.

Choose a crib plan that suits your own woodworking skills. If you are new to woodworking choose a baby crib building plan that is less complicated. Some plans create a standard baby crib while others are for more complicated convertible cribs. Some plans offer extensive cutout designs while others use standard slats or solid wood for the headboard and footboard areas.

Always consider current safety standards when choosing baby crib plans. These standards are updated often so be sure to verify them against your plan of choice before you begin. Remember that you can easily make any modification necessary at the start.

Once you decide on the baby crib plan you next must decide on the material to use. Always try to use the highest-grade wood you can afford. If the piece will be stained you should make sure that the wood is the best quality while if you will paint the piece you can use slightly less quality wood.

Follow the directions closely. If you have any questions or problems along the way there are resources to help you. Many woodworking web sites have user forums where people post questions that are answered by any and all who care to. This can give you lots of insight to a specific situation you have encountered. Also, check your baby crib plans. Often they have a toll-free number to call with questions or for specific help.

Set up a woodworking schedule to follow. Allow ample time to build the crib. Take into account the time you will have to work on the crib and consider where you will be building it. Be sure that you set up a workshop area in your garage or basement where you can leave everything set up without having to put things away after each work session. This will save you countless hours on the project. Keep a clean sheet handy to cover your work in-between sessions. Prepare a place to work when it comes time to stain or paint the crib and allow enough time for the crib to cure once completed. Plan to have the crib completed at least a month before the crib will be needed.

Finally, be sure to sign and date your piece. This will make the process complete and will ensure that many years from now people will know who made the crib and when it was made.

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