Some General Brochure Design Tips

Forget Your Name
It just seems natural to put your business name at the top of your brochure.  In fact, most people put their name at the top (or near the top) or all of their promotional material: website, brochure, business card, etc.

However, not putting your name at the top of your brochures is actually the way to go.  Why?  Because your business name is almost certainly not going to attract anyone to your business.  For instance, my brother owns a business called Covered Wagon Crafts.  Putting Covered Wagon Crafts at the top of his brochure is not going to entice too many people to read further, is it?

Instead, the top of my brother’s brochure says, “20% OFF all hand-crafted wooden treasures!”  Isn’t that a much more enticing headline?  I sure think so.

Offer Something Tangible
Instead of putting your name at the top of your brochure, go a different route the next time you develop a Brochure Printing

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