Running a Woodworking Business: Finding New Clients

Many people who run their own woodworking business have a real talent for working with wood and turning that wood into a beautiful piece. Yet as great as they are with their craft, many struggle with the business aspect of running their business. Unfortunately, in order to really make it in this business, you will need to develop your business skills so that you constantly have a steady, stable stream of clients contacting you for purchases. Without this, your income will be unstable and likely far less than what you would like it to be. So here are some tips for finding new clients:

Contact Friends and Family

When you are starting a woodworking business, it certainly is a great idea to fire off an announcement about your new gig to friends and family, but don’t feel limited about reaching out to those you know at other times, too. Running a woodworking business is all about finding clients on a steady, regular basis, and even if your friends and family aren’t in need of your services, they may know someone who is. You don’t want to fall out of mind, but rather you want to stay fresh in their minds through regular communications. Simply sending out an email every month thanking them for their support and referrals and showcasing your latest works with a few photos will do wonders.

Local Marketing

With a home woodworking business, quite a bit of your work will come from local clients, so you want to spend time focusing on local marketing on a regular basis. Rather than canvassing your whole city, which can be expensive, you may want to target a few neighborhoods and advertise in their community newsletter. This is a great way to focus your marketing for your woodworking business, as you can target neighborhoods that may fit your client base profile better. For instance, if your pieces take on a rustic tone, focusing on acreage neighborhoods may be good. If your pieces are high end, upscale neighborhoods may be a better area to focus on.

Internet Marketing

The Internet is an incredible business tool, and you can use it to aid in marketing to local customers as well as those throughout the state, region, and country, too. Your woodworking business isn’t limited to local clients, and when you make an effort to branch out and expand your marketing focus, you will find that you truly have far more clients sending business your way.

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