Practical Tips for Buying Wood Lathes


Lathes are woodworking machineries capable of producing refined and finished work.  These functional and highly versatile machines are very addictive to use because you can make complete duplicates of parts for furniture repair and for other wood crafts.  You can also use a lathe to dig into a burl for bowl making or for creating custom made wooden candle holders.  If you need woodworking machinery that can simplify your work and enhance your creativity, then a lathe is one of your best options.  Unfortunately, this type of machinery comes in various sizes and varieties.  So here are some practical tips which could help you choose the best lathe equipment for your workshop.


First of all, you need to determine what size you need.  Remember, lathes come in different sizes.  There are pen, mini, and floor lathe machines.  Each has its own purpose and specially designed to perform a specific work.  If you are a hobbyist and you need woodworking machinery for your small DIY projects, then a pen or mini machine could be a suitable option.  This type of workshop equipment can perform well on smaller and personal projects.  Do take note that a pen or mini-lathe has limited scope of operation and may not be suitable for more complicated projects.  But for beginners who want to test their skills on wood working, this type of machine is highly recommended.


Other types of lathes are big machines that could weigh more than a hundred pounds.  These are generally used for professional and industrial use.  Craftsmen who need reliable woodworking machinery for turning wood can get great service from a bigger floor-lathe.  If you already have mini-lathe and you want to crossover to professional projects, upgrading your current machine is an option.  You might want to add more functionality like variable speeds or extra arms.  You can also fit the machine with more tooling accessories.  Unfortunately, there is a limit to the types of upgrades that you can make on mini-lathe machine.  For long term usage and more demanding projects, investing on bigger wood-lathe equipment should be seriously considered.  It is costlier but the level of your craftsmanship could also improve greatly.


When you start shopping for wood lathes, you have to start by looking at the different brands available in the market.  Brand is a big factor to consider when choosing woodworking machinery.  Research different brands and read consumer and expert reviews for each brand.  It is best if you can choose a manufacturer that has a solid track record of producing high quality and durable workshop equipment.  Aside from the manufacturer, the vendor or retailer should also be considered.  Remember that you can easily purchase woodworking and metalworking equipments from the Internet.


If you decide to buy online, look for a retailer that has offices or showrooms near your place so that you can enjoy lower shipping cost.  It is also best to look for retailers that offer quality control for the products they ship.  By doing some research on the manufacturer and distributor, you will surely get the best wood lathes for your projects.

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