Make furniture yourself without being woodworker

If we want be ready for doing furniture firstly we need to have quite big arsenal of tools. But I guess this is not big problem. Every special tools shop will provide all items which you may need. I recommend do not invest to much, buy as much as you can afford. However, don’t be very frugal, try get branded tools, because cheap items which are made in China can broke really fast. Let’s go to the next step.

You need to fill your stock with suitable materials- wood, woodscrews, paints and etc. You can get all this stuff at your local store. I much prefer oak to birch or maple, but also like aspen and pine. Anyway the choice depends from what you are going to make. If you need strong and stable table, get a oak. It will satisfy all expectations.

Notice: oak is very hard wood. It requires more time to process it properly.

Great, we have materials and tools. Now you should get some plans. I can offer nice site with many plans. Sure membership is paid, but for one-time payment you will get lifetime membership. Woodworking4home is established by John Metz who is professional woodworker. He offers you to buy his DVD with more than 14,000 woodworking plans. All information is provided in very simple way, step-by-step instructions with photos and diagrams. Now John is offering 50% discount (limited time) and the price is quite reasonable- 49.00$.

When everything is ready, go to your garage grab the hammer, screwdriver and plank and work, work and work.

Another few tips:

Be careful. Some of the tools can make big damage to your health.
Don’t be in a hurry.
Think about every step before doing it.
Always explore plan. Every inch is very important if you want that your job would looks as in the picture.
Do this if you really have mood to this. Under compulsion can effect you negatively.

Good luck!

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