Industrial Router Bits for Heavy-Duty Woodworking

Furnishings or other woodworking performed in a factory often requires industrial router bits to add design and stability to the products being created.  Even if you craft wood items in your own home, you may want to consider industrial router bits if you frequently work on larger products or have a shop outside your home especially for woodworking.

Woodworking is both a hobby for some and a way to make money for others.  Industrial router bits allow you to do all kinds of things, from creating strong joints for bookcases, shelves and cabinets to creating grooves and making decorative edges.  You can start with a basic piece of wood, and end up with a cabinet, bookshelf, door or piece of furniture that is exquisite in detail.

Here are a few tips before you begin using industrial router bits that will make things simpler – especially if this is your first project.

1.  Make sure to use a sharp bit, as one that is dull can easily damage your wood.

2.  Practice makes perfect!  Before you begin your actual woodworking project, try your router bits out on a scrap piece of wood so that you can determine the best speed for you and how to move through the wood without burning it or causing your router to overheat.

3.  Listen to the sound of your router as you practice.  You can tell a lot about whether you are moving at an efficient speed that is neither too slow nor too fast by simply listening for a whirring or dragging sound.

Once you use the tips above, you will quickly get the knack for using your industrial router bits.

It’s important to be familiar with the industrial router bits you plan to use, so that you can insert them correctly and adjust the cutting depth.  Inserting them correctly is crucial; without a tight connection, a bit could fly off and injure you if the router is operating at a high rate of speed.  Whether you are a hobbyist just starting out in woodworking, or you build furniture or other wood goods for a living, industrial router bits will come in handy for creating unique, beautiful pieces.

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