How To Build A Doghouse: 3 Tips To Build A Dog House Easily

Building a doghouse sounded like an easy enough task – The sort of thing that you get down in an afternoon while deciding on a serious bit of woodworking to tackle. A week of hard grind later, there are some things that I wish I had thought about before starting. These three things would have made building my doghouse a breeze rather than a grind.

1:Get proper plans
I know this seems obvious, after all what other project would you start without plans right? I thought “it’s only a doghouse, who needs doghouse plans?”. A good set of plans will cut down your work time dramatically and save you wasting material (and money).

2:Get proper plans
Consult the plans before you buy your material. By guessing about how much wood I needed, I spent over twice as much as I needed to. I also went back to the DIY store three times to get things I only realised that I would need half way through.

3:Think the project all the way through before starting
On day two of my doghouse build I had to take apart what I had already done, ruining some good lumber in the process simply because I hadn’t considered the floor of the construction. If I had taken the time to get decent plans and read through them first, I could have avoided this. Believe me, there is nothing more frustrating than having to take apart something which you have made, especially when the initial construction involved sweat, tears and hammer blows to various fingers!

As you can see, building a doghouse can be easy, or a pain. Getting hold of a decent

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As a DIY enthusiast, I’ve been building everything from picnic tables to barns for the last 15 years. I’ve found that once you have a set of plans to follow, any project becomes possible for most of us. For more simple DIY projects, head over to

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