House Selling Tips To Know When Selling a Vacant House

When selling your house, it is possible that it will be left vacant for at least some time. It doesn’t always work out that your buyers move in the day you move out.

If you have already moved out, or might be moving out before you’ve sold your house, here are some tips you might not know to greatly increase your peace of mind, security, and selling potential!


– Install a few motion detector outdoor lights. They now have surprisingly attractive fixtures that look like regular fixtures – not like spotlights. – Put up temporary, light-filtering pleated shades. They attach with self-stick adhesive to the woodwork and can be cut to size with scissors. They look pretty much like the real thing. Your buyers will love them, too. They look good and are sturdy enough to leave up until they get their own window treatments.

– Leave some of your furniture behind in the house. You can use slipcovers, chair pads, and table clothes to freshen up the look of older or worn pieces. Use inflatable beds on a frame and make them up nicely. – Hire a stager to do at least a few rooms on the first floor. – Considering having your house “virtually staged”. It costs a fraction of traditional staging, is simple and easy, and takes only a few minutes. Now you will have photos to use in all your marketing with your house looking fantastic! No more hoping your potential buyer has a good imagination!


– If you don’t have an alarm, at least put up alarm signs. Just a sign is a reasonably good deterrent. If you don’t have one, you can order alarm signs online for less than $10. I’d put one by each door.

– If it would give you peace of mind, get an alarm system. I use an alarm system that uses cell phone technology and is totally portable. No need for phone service, which is an additional expense. When you sell your house, you simply unplug the alarm and take it with to your new house. Or sell it along with your house – most buyers see this and want it for themselves.


A lockbox is a great convenience and time saver every seller should have on their house, even if you are still living there.

There will be professionals needing access to your house (inspectors, appraiser, meter readers, etc.). Or you might go to the house and forget to bring your keys. Ask me how I know this!

If you are using an agent, they will have their own lockbox, but only other agents can use this.

If you are trying to sell your own home and have a flat fee MLS listing, you can give your lockbox combination to agents who want to show your house, but only after they’ve contacted you.

Even if you think you’ve taken care of everything, believe me, things come up. You just never know! You can change the combination code anytime you want. Change it occasionally during the sales process to keep your home even more secure.

My final tip when selling your house would be to have it staged. Here is where your house being vacant has an advantage. It’s been shown that UNOCCUPIED BUT STAGED HOUSES SELL THE FASTEST OF ALL!

Deane Alban
About the Author:

Deane Alban is a real estate investor and creator of the first “FSBO 2.0” home selling system. Today’s technology lets frustrated homeowners bypass their realtor and even do a better job. Learn how with Harness the power of 2.0 today!

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