Hang Wallpaper Diy Top Tips On Hanging Wallpapers

Top tips for a better wallpapers hanging finish

• Nothing is more annoying than having to fish your brush out of the bucket and getting paste all over your hands. There are now brushes available that you can hook on the rim of the bucket, leaving you with clean hands.

• Make sure you check your paste when you hang vinyl wallpaper, as vinyl has difficulty sticking to itself.

• To remove air bubbles, it is very important to work quick and neat. Make a small incision in the air bubble when the paper is still wet, apply some paste behind it, and carefully smooth the paper over.

• Always be careful when you use the seam roller. Whereas it might help you smoothing the edges of your wallpaper, it also might smooth your pattern if you’re not careful! It can also leave a sheen on certain paper, so practice on a test bit first, to establish the amount of pressure it allows you to use.

• Don’t get paste on your table! It can be difficult sometimes to get wallpaper paste off the front of your wallpaper, so be careful.

• In order to reduce the amount of off-cuts, it is sometimes better to use two rolls at the same time to align the pattern of your wallpaper.

• It is not advisable to use a roller to apply paste to your wallpaper, unless the paper is really thick. If it’s too thin, your paper will stick and roll around your roller.

• Turn off radiators in the room you want to wallpaper, especially if you have to wallpaper behind them. The heat from the radiator is likely to dry out the paper too quickly, leaving it to come off the wall.Visit the Woodworking Plans Website pages for more woodworking and DIY articles.

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