Easy Woodwork Projects Grandparents Can Teach Their Grandchild

Wouldn’t it be great and a lot of fun at the same time if you were to introduce your grandchild to the world of woodworking and create some of the woodwork projects mentioned below? As long as you keep it simple and light-hearted there is every chance you will teach your grandchild not only a skill, but also interest them in a hobby for life.

Remember that you need to keep these projects simple. It’ll be difficult for a child to get things right straight away, but that’s where you come in. So here are 3 ideas of woodwork projects that you might want to try out:

Standard Shelf.

A shelf is perhaps the most basic project that you can work on with a grandchild. This will probably be only a small shelf; perhaps eighteen inches in length. There are a few things that you can do with it however to make it stand out, like adding fancy designs or edges, and of course you can add a hat rack to the bottom of the shelf. Just use a few dowels and off you go. The only limit to this project is your imagination!


When making a box consider using a rabbet joint (also known as rebate). Using this joint means that you can hardly see where the pieces were put together. But as is the case with any joint, you need to make sure that it is cut properly, so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb when you do the staining. However, let’s not forget that it probably won’t look perfect first time round anyway and I believe it’s much more important to have fun than having a perfect result.

Pencil Holder.

This type of project can be finished quite easily by putting a small box together with holes drilled into the top. Be creative when designing the lid – for example, the pencils could sit in a straight line or in different shapes or just don’t put a lid on and leave the box open. To make sure that the pencil tips don’t get damaged when dropping them into the box, it is a good idea to put something soft in the bottom. You can use a piece of felt, but a soft sponge will also work quite nicely.

These are just a few ideas for woodwork projects that you can do with your grandchild. Enjoy.

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