Easy Tips on How to Make a Trundle Bed

Learning how to make a trundle was one of the easiest woodworking endeavors I’ve embarked on. Trundle beds also happen to be one of the most useful woodworking pieces around the house.

It is a good option to have this kind of bed as it is much of a space saver and it can double as an extra storage space or a bed when you have extra guests.

To make a trundle bed, these are certain things you have to keep in mind.


The size of the trundle bed is largely dependent on the size of the master bed. It is for this reason that you have to be particular in measuring the dimension of the main bed as well as the height of the space under the main bed where you will place the trundle bed.

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I have an inherent love for DIY stuff. Nothing beats completing a project with your own hands. If you are like me, I suggest you have a look at these trundle bed plans : www.WoodworkHaven.info

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