DIY Woodworking Part 3 of 3 – Finishing your woodwork that everyone love to use

In our previous part of this DIY woodworking guide we learnt what are the tools mentally and physically we need to have for our woodworking projects a good start. In this 3rd and final part of this DIY series you will learn how to give your woodwork the perfect finish, believe me after learning this you cant wait to start doing a woodwork. Another important thing I want to advice you is to have a clear cut planning before starting any woodworking project. Without a proper planning the end product will give an unsatisfactory impression. You can get a neatly designed woodworking plan from any of your local woodworking professional for a small fee or even better to get from some well renowned woodworking celebrity like Teds woodworking plans & projects.

Okay, let me tell you steps this final article covers. First we are going to talk about what finishing product to use, next we will see some MUST FOLLOW tips to follow while doing the finishing.

Before buying a finishing product you need to know which gives more appealing effect to your woodwork. For finishing woodwork’s there are two types of products available, one is being the varnish and the other is sealer.

Varnish is a mix of resins and oils used to apply over wood surface to provide a protective surface against dust and other forms of damage.

Types of Varnish:
Gloss varnish, semi-gloss varnish & matt finish. There are chances that you hear about polyurethane varnishes generally used for furnitures.

Sealer are also made of resins and oil but what differs from varnish is its viscosity being lower than varnish to penetrate more deeper into wood and nourish its surface. Sealer works fin with any timber or wood surfaces.

Generally speaking it is wise to use a semi-glossy or matt finish varnishes for woodworking that are to be used indoor. Sealer are good for outdoor surfaces like laundry & bathrooms.

Some tips while applying varnish or sealer:
Clean the surface with a salt paper before applying varnish or sealer.
Applying too much of varnish or sealer will, it will give the surface an unappealing look.
Give allow the surface to dry completely depending on the temperature before applying second coating.

After complete this 3 part of woodworking DIY you will now be able to chose the wood type, get your resources organized and give your woodwork a great looking finish. Happy woodworking 🙂

Herbert A. Leitch
About the Author:

I live in Newyork and i enjoy making handcrafted wood products for home and gifting purposes.

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