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Yes, I can. No, I cannot. Yes, I can. No, I cannot. Are you having a self argument? We are all guilty of arguing with ourselves when we want to do something we have never done before and unsure that we can do it.

You will agree taking the first step is the most difficult. Have you noticed that after we take that first step and with proper guidance we are able to accomplish what we wanted to do?

Yes, you can be a do it yourself woodworking enthusiast. Yes, you can build a storage shed or garden shed that you have been wanting for a long time. You can also build a garden bridge woodworking project to compliment the landscaping idea which you have had for your flower garden.

The very first tool you will need is a proven shed blueprint or a detailed diagram of a woodworking project coupled with step by step instructions from an expert carpenter. Guidance from an expert carpenter is one secret to your building success.

Building is fun. Invite your friends and relatives to join the fun weekend. You may be surprised to learn other tips from your friends or relatives who have done the same or similar woodworking project you have chosen to construct.

The added benefits of asking friends and relatives are that they may have the carpentry tools that would be used on your chosen woodworking project. Announcing the fact that this is your first project is a good thing to do. One or two of the invited people may be helpful explaining the function of the different tools. Better yet, this will give you a chance to gain experience using ‘free’ tools.

As everyone follows the step by step instructions from the detailed diagram that you have taken to the work site, the project will be completed in a short amount of time. Everyone will feel they had an accomplished weekend. The project will look beautiful to everyone.

Everyone will say it was a fun weekend filled with companionship and laughter. All will take home happy memories. They will want to be invited again to work on another shed or woodworking idea that you may be considering.

Celebrate with a barbeque cookout or a warm gathering of appreciation. Your friends and relatives will not want money for the joy of helping you. They wanted to give their time, talents, and love.

Start today by downloading a free shed plan from the hobby page of Tricia Deed at Review Welcome Woodworking Enthusiasts.


Tricia Deed
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Through the years I have learned to be a jack-of-all-trades and maybe mastered one. Because my interests are many, diversity has been the road most traveled. Currently my interest is hobbies which I have combined with my internet marketing business.

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