Diy Safety Top First Aid Tips For Accidents & Injuries

Even the most safety-conscious worker can sometimes have an accident. Here are some basic first aid tips.

If someone is injured, remove any continuing danger: for instance, turn off the electricity if appropriate. Then don’t panic, but assess the seriousness of the situation as calmly as possible. Don’t move the patient unless necessary. If in any doubt, call a doctor.

Small cuts and grazes should be cleaned up with soap and water – not antiseptic.

Don’t give an injured person any food or drink (in case any anaesthetics need to be administered at a later stage). However, if you urgently need to dilute the effects of poisons or chemicals, give a drink of water, unless the patient’s mouth is burnt.

Call the emergency services (999) in cases of unconsciousness; drowsiness or sickness; poisoning; severe bleeding or bleeding from the ear; bad burns; or intense pain.

Don’t try to induce sickness – and never give the patient salty water.Severe bleeding should be reduced by pressing a pad on the cut. A clean, folded handkerchief is ideal. If the cut still contains a large foreign body (such as a splintered stick or glass), press near the wound. Continue until the bleeding stops. If a limb is bleeding, raise it up, unless it’s broken. For deep, wide or dirty cuts, or wounds containing a foreign body, call a doctor.

Burns and scalds need hospital treatment unless they are very minor. Small burns should be held under running cold water for at least ten minutes. Because skin can swell, remove any belts or jewellery, but don’t attempt to move any clothing that is stuck to the burn. To minimise the risk of infection, burns can be covered with a clean cloth (such as a large handkerchief or pillowcase) or clingfilm. Never use butter or oil on a burn – leave it untreated. Learn more woodworking workshop safety articles please go to website.

PS: Consider taking a simple first aid course so that you are better prepared for any accidents.

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