Beginning Diy – 5 Tips To Get You Started

Maybe you’ve just seen the new shed your next door neighbour has put up, or your wife is longing longingly at the expensive picnic tables in the stores. whatever the reason, you have decided to enter the world of DIY and woodwork. Here are some great tips to make the transition easy and enjoyable.

1: Get some plans
Making it up as you go along is never a good idea, even for professionals (who, by the way, would never start a project without a decent set of plans). This will give you ideas, save you money and make sure you are successful with your first few builds which is extremely important.

2: Get a material list for each project
Most good plans will include this, but it will stop costs spiraling out of control. When you know exactly how much and what you need to buy, you will save a small fortune.

3: Buy middle of the range tools
Ok, that power-drill you saw on late-night TV looks great, but do you really need it? Likewise, a hammer at 99 cents is at that price for a reason. Get solid, middle-of-the-road tools and they will last you a lifetime. you can add to them gradually as you get more ambitious in your projects.

4: Start with a simple project
That two story chalet would probably look great in the garden, but how about a small shed or picnic table as a first project? Doing this successfully will give you confidence and experience which will serve you well on coming projects.

5: It doesn’t need to be perfect first time
We all make mistakes. The first few times I tried my hand at woodwork weren’t exactly memorable, but by following the plans, making the odd mistake and plugging away, I learned a ton and got better every time, until I was confident enough to tackle big construction jobs myself.

As you can see,starting out in DIY can be easy and enjoyable. Getting hold of a decent

Daffyd Thompson
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As a DIY enthusiast, I’ve been building everything from picnic tables to barns for the last 15 years. I’ve found that once you have a set of plans to follow, any project becomes possible for most of us. For more simple DIY projects, head over to

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