Amana Router Bits-What Every Woodworker Should Know About the Amana Router Bit

The Amana router bit is worthy of consideration if you are a woodworking enthusiast. Before looking at Amana router bits lets have a look at the beginnings of the Amana Tool company.

Beginning in 1972, Amana Tools has been producing superior quality router bits, becoming the global leader in its industry. Not only are they the global leader, they also established the standard when it comes to safety and quality.

Amana router bits exhibit the highest quality in regards to cut, efficiency and lifespan. Router bits come in hundreds of varieties and are classified by what they’re made of, their edges and their shank diameter. Typically they come as carbide tipped, high speed steel and most recently solid carbide tips.

Amana Tool uses carbon alloy steal with vanadium particles for their router bits. Not only does this improve the structure of the bit, it also prevents corrosion and damage that can lead to cracks and breaks. Amana process their routers in a single clamping, therefore the balance, precision and over all symmetry are elite.

They also make sure that the information of the bit doesn’t get lost with time and wear by etching the RPM range and clamping depth right onto the product. The most popular shank size in the United States is ¼ and ½ in. and Amana specializes in both making sure you are able to reach all of your woodworking and router goals.

Even with all of these facts, many people wonder, is there really that much difference between Amana router bits and other brands? The greatest difference is longevity. These bits are made of carbon alloy steal and have a thicker coating on them allowing the user to sharpen the bit as needed over time without risking the integrity of the structure. While many of the qualities that make the Amana router bit stand out from the competition are not easy to see with the eye, such as the carbide grain and brazing technique, the proof is in the cut’s quality and bit’s durability.

Amana Tool also specializes in CNC Tooling router bits. You can rest assured that you will get a superior cut every time with the Amana router bit. Designed to be interchanged with ease, these bits also have a locking screw to ensure maximum protection for the user.

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