5 Woodworking Ideas to Get You Started

I don’t know about you, but I always love to have ideas to get me started on a project. This is particularly true when I’m trying to do something creative – like woodwork. This article will share with you 5 woodworking ideas to help kick start your creativity on a number of useful and practical projects that you can easily build at home.

Idea 1 – Bird Feeder.

We all like to see birds in our yards or gardens and one of the best ways to encourage them is to provide food in a safe place for them. I’m sure that you like me, could quickly and easily knock up a basic bird feeder without much thought. Consider though, how you could make it more ornate or more practical for birds. Maybe you include bars spaced closely together so that only small birds can get in and the food isn’t all stolen by pigeons!

Idea 2 – Bird House.

Following on from the bird feeder idea, why not give them food AND shelter? Bird houses can come in all shapes and sizes from simple boxes for the smallest birds to grand, ornate dovecotes which provide shelter and nesting for a whole loft of pigeons or flight of doves. Remember, this is about getting woodworking ideas so think beyond the obvious and try to find something creative and interesting.

Idea 3 – Dog House.

Every dog kennel tends to look like every other dog kennel – why must it be this way? I declare here and now that it’s OK for dogs to live in more interesting housing! If you put your mind to it, I’m sure you can create something for your dog that’s a little different from the norm. Maybe they live indoors so a traditional kennel is superfluous, but how about trying to build them something that can double as something practical for your house? How about a dog house, with shelves above for boot storage? Keep thinking outside the box and you’ll find a way to use this!

Idea 4 – Mailbox.

If you look down your street, do you notice that all the mailboxes are nearly identical? Why is this? Wouldn’t you like your mailbox to be more individual? Well, if the birds in your yard can have their own penthouse apartment, why should your mail feel left out? This is another fairly simple project that can be made more interesting and more individual simply through the use of your imagination.

Idea 5 – Tool Box.

If you’re serious about woodworking, you’ll probably have a large selection of tools scattered around your workshop. You’re probably always searching for that tool that you know you left “over there”, but can’t find. When I got to this point, I designed a simple tool box that I could carry around with me that had all the most common tools that I’d need easily to hand. Remember, it’s your design so keep it simple or make it more intricate – it’s up to you. It could be as simple as a large tool chest, or it could be more functional and have one or more drawers for storing some of your smaller tools. The best tip that I can give you here is to look for ways to give every tool its own place, such as mounting a tenon saw inside the lid.

I hope that these suggestions have got you thinking. Remember, your best ideas will rarely be your first ideas so take these 5 woodworking ideas and spend some time finding ways to put them to good use in your workshop.

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