5 Useful Tips for starting a Woodworking Project

Woodworking is a way of life.  Building things is a primal urge that every human being has had deep inside themselves since the dawn of time. It is in our blood to build things.  It is who we are, those that answer the call get PUMPED and Excited about Starting and Finishing a Woodworking Project.

Tip #1 – Thinking is not what you should be doing. THINK PRIMAL, Have NO THOUGHTS. Thinking is what gets in the way of your projects.  It is what destroys your enthusiasm, over thinking is the number one reasons why so many home woodworking projects go undone L its Sad isn’t it!!

Tip #2 – Get a detailed woodworking project plan.  Nothing kicks you in the marbles like not having a plan.  The details start to consume you.  What goes where?   How to start?  What will I need?   How many times will I have to go to Home Depot?  AHHHHH!!! Skip all this DRAMA and get yourself some good plans it insures everything you do is up to code and will last a lifetime.

Tip #3 – Now that you have detailed plans, you can hire yourself a worker  or get a family member to help with your build;  the detailed step by step plans ensure everything is on track and getting done in an orderly fashion. Plus you will save money by not losing time wondering what to do.

Tip #4 – HAVE FUN!  When you are not under stress you can have way more fun building. Again detailed plans really help with the fun part and not thinking aspect.

Tip #5 – Push yourself to start, you know as soon as you start you are going to get excited and feel that deep down pride that is going to push your project to the end.

I really like to build things it is how you feel every time you finish a project and get to see your work it is very rewarding plus everybody telling you it is great boost to the EGO LOL.

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