3 Tips to Choosing The Right Saltbox Pole Barn Plans

My wife and I moved to the country a couple of years ago and decided to build a barn on our property for our horses. We liked the saltbox roof style, so we researched saltbox pole barn plans to see which ones would make the construction as easy as possible.

Now, to please both myself and my wife, we needed something that would be both beautiful and functional. Our task was not easy because there are so many saltbox pole barn plans available.

Here is how we narrowed down our choices:

Free vs. Paid – we literally looked at hundreds of saltbox pole barn plans – a lot of free ones and a lot of paid ones. We actually settled on some plans we paid for because they were more complete. I’m not knocking the free ones because there are some good ones out there. But what we found was that the free ones generally lacked the detail the paid ones had, and having never done this before, we felt much more comfortable with more detail. Plus, the paid ones are very inexpensive, so it was well worth it.
Schematic drawings – in my opinion, this is a must have for whichever saltbox pole barn plans you choose. The details of the drawings came in tremendously handy throughout the building process.
Materials and cutting lists – just like the schematic drawings, materials and cutting lists are a must have for whichever saltbox pole barn plans you choose. Whether you build it yourself or have someone build it for you, these lists will save a ton of time and money.

In the end, our experience was a pleasant one. And the www.Barn-Shed-Plans.com

Mark Helmsman
About the Author:

Avid woodworker with a particular affection for sheds and barns. They add so much beauty to your property.

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